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Architect Sergey Pastykh

Sergey Pastykh

Hello! I am an architect and interior designer. Architecture - is the main part of my life. I see at every building and I see many hours of work , ten of sketches and drawings, continuous search of new ideas and kreativ decisions.

How did I became an architect? Well, in two words...
In 1983 I entered the KISI(Architectural Department). After graduation I got a job in design institute "Zhitomirproekt, then about a year I worked in engineering and construction company "Strekol", three years in "Carling", and then, in 1999 I got a job in the corporation "DIO" . Also, I worked for "Arcade-Thermo" and "SASARHBUD". In 2007 I made an important decision, and started a private architectural practice.

As you can see from my brief biography, architecture is what I am doing for all my life. In times of the work I realized the great number of projects, worked with different materials, areas, constructions and styles. My education, professional skills and experience, allow to perform the orders any complication with the highest quality and in the set term.

You might be interested why is there a cup of coffee on this page? Well, I'll try to explain...The aroma of good coffee bodrit, wakes up fantasy and influences on a positive.