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Architect Sergey Pastykh

1. Draft design of individual residential houses, cottages

1.1 Description:

Estimated cost of scheme design is from 20 - 40 UAH. per m2 (depending on the complexity and detailing, exterior), term of performance: 1-3 weeks

Sketch design or pre-project proposal - this is the first step in formulating a draft of a building. In fact, conceptual design - a visual themes idea, the concept of the project, which can answer all of the customer's questions at this point, namely:
  • Configuration of the house and planting it on land, master plan (based on the customer's wishes and requirements of urban development norms and rules of construction)
  • Layout and composition of the premises, the total projected area and residential homes
  • Name of construction and finishing materials intended for use for construction
  • Approximate cost of construction and erection
  • Cost of the work of design and installation engineering cottage (water, sewerage, heating, electricity)

Draft architectural design is a preliminary design stage, which conceptually defines the total requirements for urban development, functional, aesthetic and economic aspects of the designed object.
Structure sketch of the project typically includes: a sketch of the general plan, floor plans, basic colors, schemes of arrangement of furniture and equipment section, exterior color options for the basic decisions of the facades of the building, pointing out the general area of the house, living area, functional interaction of all the premises with each other to reflect the designation of space, is determined by the scheme of the roof and makes recommendations on selection of building and finishing materials.

1.2 Background:

As a general rule for the start of work on preliminary designs, it is necessary and sufficient to have the cadastral plan of the land, namely, the border area for design.
  • Cadastral plan of land (boundaries)
  • Topographic surveying area

1.2 Composition of the sketch of the project:

  • Schema master plan - (landing of the building site)
  • Planning solution - (floor plans in the axes, without size)
  • Cut
  • Visualization - (forward-looking exterior, the types of decisions are usually 2 types)

2. Detailed design of individual dwelling house (cottage):

2.1 Description:

  • Architecture (section AR, SP) - the approximate cost of the architectural work of the project is 80 UAH. per m2 total area of the designed homes, a tentative date performance 3-6 weeks)
  • Design (sections CF, CM, CD) - the approximate cost konstuktivnoy part of the working draft is 65 UAH. per m2 total area of the projected home)
  • Engineering (S, EC, EE, etc.) - the cost of engineering the working draft is set individually

Detailed design is applied to the technically simple objects, usually individual houses, cottages and townhouses. Work project is integrating the design stage and consists of two parts - part for approval and working documents.
Approval part of the working draft needs to be agreed, and the working drawings are developed specifically for the construction of the object.
As part of the approval part, local authorities require so-called construction passport facility, which includes plans and facades of building and facility master plan.

2.2 Background:

  • Cadastral plan of land (boundaries)
  • Topographic surveying the land (survey)
  • Architectural-planning assignment
  • Specifications for connecting utilities
  • Technical advice on engineering and geological surveys (geology)

2.3 Composition of the architectural part of the working draft:

  • Technical and economic indicators
  • Explanatory Note
  • Master Plan scheme
  • Planning solution - (floor plans)
  • Masonry drawings
  • Sections and facades
  • Principal components and solutions
  • Statements, floors, windows and door fillings
  • Visualization and presentation materials - (long-term types of decisions exterior)

2.4 Composition of the constructive part of the working draft:

  • Design of foundations (pile foundation, strip, plate)
  • Calculation of bearing capacity of piers and walls
  • Construction of monolithic reinforced concrete belts
  • Construction of monolithic reinforced concrete floor or layout of prefabricated reinforced concrete floor slabs
  • Construction of beams and columns
  • Construction of bridges
  • Construction of roof (rafter system)
  • Construction of the pool deck, retaining walls, etc.