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Architect Sergey Pastykh

Interior design project of apartments or offices

The average price of the project interior apartments (60-100 m2) in a modern style using natural materials - 200 UAH / m2.
  • Redevelopment plan - a plan for redevelopment, approved by the customer
  • Plan for dismantling - all the demolished walls and partitions
  • Plan of installation - all newly constructed walls and partitions
  • Plan with an arrangement of furniture - a redevelopment plan approved by the customer with the designation of furniture
  • Floor plan - taking into account floor and an indication of underfloor heating
  • Ceiling Plan - This plan shows: where are used hanging or tension structures, their configuration, the ceiling height
  • Lighting Plan - The plan indicates a ceiling lighting with precise localization and a list of types used in lighting
  • Types of the inner surface of the walls - the drawings showing decorative walls, lighting, arrangement of furniture along the walls
  • Development of decorative elements of interior design - decorative partitions, bar counters, the author's furniture.
  • Statement of finish - this is a summary table of the volume of construction and repair works on all premises
  • Visualization - 3D image of the future of the interior. Done for all major facilities
  • Complete design project - the selection of materials, furniture, lighting and plumbing fixtures, tiles, wallpaper

Complete design project includes 5 visits (up to 2 hours):
  • Tiles and Sanitaryware
  • Kitchen
  • Fixtures
  • Wallpaper, flooring, joinery
  • Furniture

If the duration of the meeting is more than 2 hours, the cost of each additional hour is 300 UAH per hour.
Additional visits are paid hourly at the rate of - 300 UAH per hour.

Architectural supervision:

Option 1.

Cost of services Architectural supervision - 5000 UAH per month with an area of 200 m2, construction site is visited 2 times per week, up to 2 hours per visit.

Option 2.

Cost of services Architectural supervision - 600 UAH per departure (up to 2 hours).
Designer visits the object at all stages of its implementation and monitors conformance of works with the design-project.